Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Scooter Adventures in Chiang Mai - Part II

Our Chiang Mai exploration on a scooter continued (see the first half here).

The best part of having a scooter is the ability to pull over just about anywhere. Also, the ability to have your camera out and not have to shoot through dirty car/bus windows. Many of the photos below were taken from the back of the scooter while Yuriy drove. 

- Julia

We stopped and walked around a beautiful resort called Craft Village in the middle of no where, and vowed we would come back someday and stay here. The property is really well manicured... gorgeous trees, flowers, and streams (we saw several gardeners in the short time we were there). Pretty paths go between the charming and peaceful guest cottages. Also, wouldn't this be a gorgeous place to get married?? (under the paper lanterns on the lawn)

Lovely break, now back on the scooter...

We stopped to check out an elephant camp along the road.
 A hungry elephant thought our scooter looked fun to eat.

No, not the scooter!