Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Around Luang Prabang | 1 of 3

Luang Prabang is a neat little city in Laos, nestled in the mountains where two rivers meet, making for gorgeous scenery. It is a town known for it's temples, monasteries, and abundance of Buddha statues. The Luang Prabang Kingdom was owned by France from 1887 until 1945, and was a favorite for French colonials who were tired of Paris. You can still see French influences in some of the architecture and food, which was absolutely fascinating. I loved finding baguettes, French pastries, and good coffee. 

There is a real charm to Luang Prabang that is hard to describe. The ancient city is on the Unesco World Heritage List which means that buses and trucks are not allowed. Most people ride bikes or scooters to get around. It used to be a remote Asian city that was difficult to reach and hardly touristy, but is fast growing in popularity with European travelers. Still, it's not as commercialized as other Asian cities-- you won't find a shopping mall or a Seven Eleven. It's also not a party city. Luang Prabang has a sophisticated and peaceful reputation. The city goes to sleep early, wakes early, and is very slow-pace. It was the perfect place to spend 4-5 days taking it easy, exploring on foot and on bicycle, getting daily massages (my dream), and eating good (and cheap) food and smoothies. 

- Julia 

French influence, non?

Rice cakes drying in the afternoon sun on the sidewalk. 

I loved all the vintage bikes with baskets.
Nutella crepes!
We stopped by this community center to watch kids playing.
Our sweet and simple hotel room with lovely windows.Rooftop views out of our window.