Thursday, December 1, 2011

Around Luang Prabang | 3 of 3

Luang Prabang is a slow city and not incredibly big. There aren't many tourist activities, which we liked. One of the days, we rented a pair of bikes and decided to explore a little outside the city center. We biked past quaint neighborhoods and busy shops, workers on rice paddies and kids in the streets, all on dirt roads, some bumpier than others. We were planning on visiting Tad Sae waterfall (which was 15 km away) but we never made it; we stopped too often to do other exploring and photo taking. We came across signs for a smaller waterfall on the way there, and decided it would do. We had to cross a stream on the way to the waterfall. The only way across was on the "bridge," which was just a bunch of planks on top of rocks.

A bike is my favorite way to explore a city. You get to see and experience so much more than you would on foot. It was an awesome experience passing by locals just going about their everyday business. Mopeds are nice (and fast), but they're loud and people hear you coming from a distance. A bike is peaceful and less intrusive, and it only takes a second to hop on and off. 

This is our last post in Laos and then we're heading off to Phuket, Thailand where we did some scuba diving. Enjoy the last bit of photos from Luang Prabang. 


Updated: forgot to add this little video we took of a game of Takraw.