Friday, January 20, 2012

Nai Yang Beach, Thailand

The entire day after our 4-day diving trip, I felt like I was still on water and the ground was moving beneath me. After being trapped on a boat with a strict schedule, it felt good to walk around, lay and do nothing, and have the freedom to pick a restaurant.

We had two nights left on Phuket Island before flying out. Instead of staying at crazy Patong Beach again, we opted for something a little more quiet and headed to Nai Yang Beach. We rented a bamboo bungalow right on the beach for 300 baht ($10 USD)... what a steal! The hut is hardly big enough to hold a double mattress and a mosquito net, but it was more than enough. We didn't need to spend much  time in our room anyway with the ocean just 20 feet away. 

We decided to take a long walk along the beach one fine day. Towards the end, the sky turned from sunny to black in an instant and dumped buckets of rain. We had walked too far out and there was no where to go for cover but under a tree. The tree didn't do much. We were soaked to our underwear and had a long walk back ahead of us. So much for a romantic beach stroll! I was one grumpy traveler. I blamed Yuriy. Silent treatment on the walk home. It's times like these that most people don't imagine when they dream of traveling.

We didn't take many pictures in Nai Yang because our camera was still broken. These were taken with our back-up compact camera. 

Next up is Singapore, but we didn't take many photos at all (camera issue). Then, Indonesia!

- Julia

Today we posted some 2011 highlights on our wedding photography blog. Check it out to see what we've been up to since coming home from our around-the-world travels. 

The beach directly in front of our bungalow. 

Bamboo bungalow where we slept for $10 a night.

Our sunny beach walk turned dark and wet. Yuriy is smiling but I wasn't.

Most restaurants in Nai Yang are right on the beach, no matter how cheap they are. We almost took it for granted after a few meals.