Friday, February 24, 2012

Jakarta Food & Friends | 2 of 2

We got to meet one of our sweet blog followers, Gladys, in Jakarta. She spent several days taking us around town, introduced us to her friends, made us try authentic Indonesian food (that we wouldn't have ordered otherwise), and even took us to church with her on Sunday! This girl has such a big heart and we felt really blessed to make a friend so far from home. 

Sorry for poor image quality of this post, but it had to be shared. All images taken with compact camera (while we waited for a new camera to come in). 

- Julia

Gladys and I when we first met.
Yuriy and Bobby. 

We told Gladys we just wanted dessert and this is what she ordered for us.... Weirdest dessert I've ever seen. Doesn't it look like green beans? 

At the meatball soup shop. 

Yuriy getting schooled by the local on how to eat soup.

Taking a bus to church on Sunday morning. 

We always love visiting local churches during our travels. Worship was sung in Indonesian and English so we were in luck! We had an earpiece for translation during the sermon. 

Gladys ordered all the dishes that she wanted us to try. Letting someone else do the ordering was tough, but I know we tried so much more than we would have without her.

A small gift for Gladys before we left... a shirt from our shop

Traveling would be so wonderful if we found such generous and friendly people everywhere we went! Thank you Gladys, Bobby, and Aprisal (not pictured)!