Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stop for Wine

One of the best things about road trips are the unexpected stops along the way. We weren't expecting to drive through wine country along Princes Highway, but that's exactly what happened. We decided it would be appropriate to pull over for a wine tasting.

We were the only ones at the Nicholson River Winery, so we got special attention. Juliet, the owner, taught us a lot about their wine and the proper way to taste it (I am a total amateur). She has been making wine with her husband for over 30 years, and we felt like we came to the right place. It was delicious and we left with a bottle in hand. 

We couldn't wait long to pop the cork. We stopped at a grocery store for cheese, crackers, pears, and chocolate to accompany our wine... then found the perfect spot in the middle of nowhere, opened the trunk door of our camper van, stretched out on the mattress, and had ourselves a nice, slow afternoon. 

Is this what life is like on a winery in Australia?? We considered dropping our jobs as photographers and planting some grapes of our own.

- Julia

P.S. We have two more posts from our Aussie roadtrip, then we'll share photos from our time in Melbourne, one of our favorite cities.

Tasting some wine and learning about the wine-making craft.
This place is the real deal. How did we just stumble upon it?
Parked in the middle of nowhere. Ready for a picnic.
The view.