Friday, September 28, 2012


Friday morning, I've finished the LA Times and now considering what to do next. I know what I have to do but am lingering, looking for something manual to do, vacuum, clean windows, re-arrange the fridge...

What I'm doing is stretching out the moments of freedom before I have to go to work.  Damn it. 

Bob Fosse, a stage and movie director used to start working by looking in a mirror and saying, "it's showtime".

You might think after over way too many years I would have lost that fear. 

No way. Going to my office to write is just as scary as it was the first day. Maybe even more scary. Maybe I won't be able to write anything. Maybe the story is awful. 

Then - freedom.

A freeway chase happens on the 101 freeway. I'll just watch a few minutes...

... honest.