Thursday, May 30, 2013

When it works and when not

Fell a little behind this week, got an excellent start on my heart screenplay last week and plowed through 40 pages this week, that is until today --

-- Nothing today. I'm staring at the screen and nothing's coming to me. Maybe it was because I got up too early, due to someone playing music at 1:30am somewhere. One little thing like that can upset the day for a writer, as simple as it sounds.

But I've learned that it will come back, maybe later after a nap, or even tomorrow. 

And still waiting for the screenwriter's books that I'll pass around to some of the local bookstores as well as to some online sites that hopefully will read it and say it's not bad. 

Also scanned Amazon Studios, which have already started work on a few TV series and movies. Amazing how that happened so quickly...  maybe a blog on this, maybe tomorrow. It's all about content.

It's gonna be mid 90's today and not a good day to ride a bike but director friend Paul Lynch is coming by for lunch so hopefully after that I can get working on the heart script.

Guess you could call this a "writer's block", just goes to prove it happens to everyone of us.