Friday, August 9, 2013

Ghostkeeper 2 ready to look for money

I'm 95% finished with the website for Ghostkeeper 2 after working on it for two weeks. This is the website that offers to find funding for anything from movies to start-up companies to singers, actors, restaurant start-ups, in short if you need money to start a business of some kind, Kickstarter is it.

I've mentioned it before a few times, it's a way of financing the above by donations from friends and strangers. Movies were a natural as they're always looking for money. Some movies raised up to $5 million dollars while others failed.

It's all about donations, there are no investors but in exchange the project (film, cafe, software, etc) has to offer "rewards". For films it's anything from t-shirts to a small part in the movie.

Ghostkeeper 2 will go public in a week or so as it has to go through numerous checkpoints to make sure it's legal and real. The money is kept by Kickstarter until the time is up, usually 30 days.

There are a lot of new websites also, a secondary one is and many more. 

Once our Kickstarter website opens, I'll give you links to it.

Otherwise, have a nice week-end.