Friday, September 13, 2013

Heading south

 I'm finally heading south again and with me are hundreds and even thousands of wild geese who are also heading south for the winter. It's quite a sight and I've forgotten how impressive their numbers are and how they fly towards a warmer climate leaving behind bears, wolves and other wild life that have to slug it out in sub-arctic temperatures. And of course, those pesky humans who retreat to the warmth of their homes.

Yesterday I watched them from my car as groups of geese, sometimes a dozen, sometimes a hundred, accompanied by the constant honking that fills the northern skies.

People like my cousin don't exactly see them in such a light since the geese land for the night and usually prefer fresh cut wheats and other crops. For my cousin, they're stealing his wheat and the blast of a rifle into the sky sends them flying away. Of course he also has beavers who block up his dirt roads with sticks and mud that eventually make a tiny creek into a fair-sized pond. They too are amazing to watch.

All of this so far from L.A., where the only honking comes from impatient drivers.

But for today, I follow the geese.