Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

I figured most of you are probably celebrating Labor Day weekend so I will post more blog Tuesday.  Fires are slowly dying down in LA, weather is cooler, might just hit that 90F in the valley and nights are cool low 60's.  Now all we wait for are the Santa Ana winds which come towards the end of September and the fires begin again.

I took this photo a few days ago from Mulholland Drive, all the white clouds are smoke. Since there wasn't any wind, the smoke remained in place which made it hard for helicopters and airplanes to dump water and retardant. One casualty in those canyons was a tiny cafe called Hidden Springs, I've been there many times, now it's gone.


Trivia:  For all of you environmentalists, the fire retardant is a mixture of clay and other natural materials including soil protein. When it dumps on vegetation it doesn't extinguish the flames but makes the vegetation harder to burn.  And once the fire is out, the retardant acts as soil enricher to help vegetation grow back. 

Oh, and we haven't had an earthquake of any substantial size for a long time...

(Tuesday: The Director)