Friday, January 8, 2010

A Taste of Honey at The Spa Four Seasons Atlanta

If you’re seeking a little sweet relief from the hustle and grind of your daily life it could be time for a visit to the spa. I made a beeline to the Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel in Midtown Atlanta for a little shameless pampering. I was invited in to sample the new Honey Delight Body Treatment. Once inside, this urban sanctuary, life is good. My taste of honey began as soon as I entered my treatment room and the therapist began applying a mixture of honey, oatmeal and shea butter to my dehydrated skin. A gentle exfoliation removing dull, dry, dead skin was not only relaxing, but soothing.
The honey is harvested from the hotel’s very own apiary… and the oatmeal is locally sourced. After a quick shower… that I was forced to take because my skin felt so soft with the honey and shea butter lathered all over it, it was time for a rejuvenating honey body lotion massage. The lotion was a mixture of honey and Jasmine leaving my skin silky smooth.
Once the 50 minute treatment was over, I spent time in the relaxation room sipping a perfect blend of peach blossom tea, sweetened with a honey comb! I was also given another sweet treat… honey caramel wrapped in gold paper, both prepared in the hotel’s kitchen using the honey from the Chef Robert Gerstenecker’s private stock.

The Honey Delight treatment is available from now until February 1, 2010 at the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta. Prices run $140.00 for 50 minutes and $165.00 for 80 minutes.

HAUTE Honey tips:
Honey is truly one of nature’s most gentle and effective beauty treatments. Some “buzz-worthy” benefits include:

• Being rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which nourish and replenish the skin

• Containing powerful antioxidants that help reverse ageing

• Binding moisture to the skin to enhance hydration, smoothing dry and rough skin, plumping wrinkles and leaving skin soft and supple

• Helping to disinfect and speed the healing process of any scrapes, cuts or burns

Will you try the Spa at the Four Season's Atlanta for sweet relief?