Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bringing Back The Haute Natural!

When it comes to managing natural hair things can get unruly. But taming natural hair may be easier than you think. TAG Concept Salons in Atlanta’s chic Buckhead community introduces a new line of products that promise to do the unthinkable—tame natural hair. Although the definition for “natural” hair has changed to include strands free of relaxers, chemicals and weaves, it still boils down to hair that more often than not has a natural curl pattern that can make styling challenging.

The new TAG Concept Salons’ products include an organic line of sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners, leave in protectants and intensive treatment hair masks. “We have products that allow you to easily maintain your own natural hair,” says Gilda Salmon, Co-Owner and Co-Artistic Director of TAG Concept Salons. She also says TAG specializes in transitioning damaged hair into silky, soft curly or straight tresses that are chemical-free. Now, that’s music to a girl’s ears especially if she has extremely course hair. But, the key according to Salmon is intensive hydration. “It all boils down to building the moisture content in the hair,” adds Tracy Robertson, Co-Owner of TAG Concept Salons. Take inventory of your hair care needs… look at products, tools and the stylists that you use to determine the health and integrity of your strands. The focus should be on strengthening and building the state of the hair.

Both Salmon and Robertson say there are many things that we do to keep our hair in an unhealthy state. “I’ve had to correct so many mistakes by other hair stylists where the focus is more on culture and not healthy hair care,” adds Salmon. One of the biggest reasons that many women of color suffer with unruly hair has to do with using too much heat which often causes entire sections of hair to come out. “Many women go to salons where the price point is very low, although they leave with pretty hair, over time all of that heat damages the hair and causes excessive breakage.”

TAG Concept Salons pride itself in leading the way toward natural hair care giving women choices that go far beyond locs and twists. “Today, women are better educated and more aware of their options when it comes to hairstyles,” says Salmon. The girls in New York love to embrace their afros, while the ladies in Atlanta like to keep it straight.” Most of us just want bouncing and behaving hair with movement and shine without the FRIZZ and now it’s achievable naturally.

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