Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lviv Chocolate Factory

If you saw a giant chocolate Santa Claus eyeing you through a window, you would probably stop too. And go inside. And buy some chocolates. 

The Lviv Chocolate Factory was as magical as chocolate factories come (and I'm very fond of our local Theo Chocolate Factory in Seattle, so I'm biased). You can watch chocolates being made in the factory either through the front window, from the sidewalk, or indoors (where it's far toastier). It was fascinating to actually see gallons of melted chocolate being stirred and real chocolate chefs carefully pouring molds with the chocolate goo. 

After we passed through the production part of the factory, we followed the arrows upstairs to the shop to see the finished products. Here there were neat piles of beautiful chocolate balls, each labeled with their name. A little further on, the chocolate comes in many lovely shapes and sizes-- Santa Claus, teddy bears, hearts, or for the true chocolate savage, just a raw block of pure chocolate. The beautiful chocolate creations are tucked inside wicker baskets lined with doilies or tied with ribbons. And as if chocolate isn't enough, you can complete your indulgence by adding a bag of coffee beans and a small bundle of cinnamon sticks to your purchase.

Afterwards, guests in the chocolate factory can relax in the elegant little cafe and enjoy chocolates, coffee, and hot chocolate (so thick, I think it's literally just melted chocolate). 

Yuriy and I filled a little baggy with 2 of each chocolate, so neither of us would feel like we were missing out on a good one. 

- Julia