Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hong Kong Fashion

Clothing in Hong Kong has so much personality. A lot of color and spunk. We saw a lot of crazy shoes-- platforms, oversized, and fuzzy... they get creative. The girls love to hang cute and oversized charms on purses and backpacks. They wear cartoon characters on their accessories-- something we don't see often back home unless you're under 10 years old. One other thing I noticed was that the guys are just as stylish as the girls! When we did fashion posts in other countries, we always found far more stylish girls roaming the streets. But in Hong Kong, the guys were strutting their stuff alongside their gal pals.

On Christmas Eve night, everyone flooded the streets dressed to impress. And if they weren't wearing something stylish, they were decked out in Christmas ornaments or head gear like reindeer antlers and poinsettias. We even saw a lot of puppies and babies dressed up like Santa Claus. Most people were in couples or groups, so this post has a lot of those. 

- Julia

P.S. These photos were all taken late at night with no flash! That's how bright all the signs are in downtown Hong Kong.

Cute how this group of buddies all have the same hairstyle.

And a few snaps around the city during the day.

So many girls have crazy & cute charms on their purses.