Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand I

The minute we stepped outside in Bangkok, it was a hot sauna... and it was 9pm in the evening on a December night. We caught a bumpy, noisy tuk-tuk (a local 3-wheeler taxi or rickshaw) to our hotel. I thought it was just our luck to get a wild driver on our first night in this city, only to learn later that they all drive the same. The roads seem to have no rules, and the lanes seem to be invisible to the drivers.  Bangkok has crazy traffic, crowded sidewalks, and many dirty streets, but it has an energy and a culture that's captivating and hard to describe. 

Bangkok is the city of street food. Literally every street was lined with street food vendors that sell snacks like skewers of meat, cooked noodles, or sliced fruit. Along side the vendors, people are selling clothes, trinkets, worship items, and everything in between. We walked so much in this city, and we always found something new. Besides walking, we took tuk-tuks, taxis, water taxis (boats), the sky train, the underground metro... the public transportation is pretty well covered. 

I loved all the gold details in buildings and the beautiful Thai letters on signs and buildings. 

I'm so excited to share the Grand Palace with you this week. Looking back at the photos now, I can't believe I was there... it looks like something from a dream. 

- Julia

Sooo many mopeds on the streets, some carrying families of four. Looks fun at first glance, but not everyday. I'm sure they'd rather have a car.
Buying a mango.
A tuk-tuk is a 3-wheel taxi (aka rickshaw) that's a common way to get around. 
So many people do their business out on the sidewalks.
A line-up of taxis-- the colors of the rainbow!
Our first tuk-tuk ride... these things are speedier than they appear.
Our hotel in Bangkok was simple and perfect.
Pink accent walls are a nice touch!