Monday, July 18, 2011

Grand Palace, Bangkok II

You can't visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok and not overdo it with the picture snapping. There is so much glitz and decorative detail all around you, it's visually overwhelming. At moments like this, I feel like taking way too photos is the only way to cope. Going by the comments to the first post, it sounds like a lot of you have been here before, so I'm sure you can understand! Here is the second set of our photos.

We bumped into so many gardeners around the palace grounds, working away on the neat hedges and pretty trees. I'm awfully curious how many they have on staff and how many hours they put in. The landscaping is flawless, no?

- Julia

Lotus flowers are dipped into holy water and tapped on the head for blessings.
Prayers and offerings of flowers and incense outside the temple.
Religious paintings on some of the walls.