Friday, August 19, 2011

A Train to Chiang Mai

We were in Bangkok longer than expected because we were trying to figure out t-shirt printing and design while we were in town. When we ordered the shirts, we were ready to move on. Except the trains were sold out because many people were traveling for New Years. It was a big relief when we finally boarded a train for Chiang Mai.

We rode on a sleeper train to Chiang Mai that travels overnight. The train seats unfold into small beds and overhead beds fold out of the ceiling. A curtain pulls around each bed for privacy from the aisle and other travelers. It was quite cozy and comfortable, though I stayed up much of the night reading, working on a cross-stitch, and listening to music in my little cubby. I felt like a kid in a fort.

In the morning, I was one of the last to fold up my bed back into a seat. I hurried to catch some of the lush green view and do some reading before we arrived at our destination. A train ride just isn't a train ride without a book and some gazing out the window. 

The great thing about overnight trains is that the trip flies by. Before we knew it, we were in Chiang Mai, the cultural center of Thailand. We'll share that next.

- Julia

A curtain pulls around each bed (top and bottom) for privacy during the night.