Monday, August 15, 2011

Chowing Down in Bangkok

Eating in Thailand was pretty heavenly for us. We are fans of spicy (especially Yuriy) and love to go out for Thai food back home in Seattle, so to be able to eat the real thing (and for cheap) was a treat! The food in Thailand is a lot spicier than back home and I had many a stomach ache, but it didn't stop me from eating the very same thing the next day. I was like a kid who ate too much ice cream and got sick, but didn't regret a single lick.

Bangkok is the king of street food. They serve anything from full meals to dessert, from fruits to drinks. There are makeshift food carts everywhere you go, and we often ordered chicken fried rice (trying to scout out the nicer looking carts) and ate at mini tables on the street.
Pad Thai -- a classic.
Gai Pad Krapow (Basil Chicken)
Sushi for dinner! So many good options for food in Thailand.
Green tea with sushi.
Yuriy eats wasabi until he cries.
Iced coffee is available at pretty much any restaurant and really hits the spot when it's hot and humid outside.
Fried calamari.
I still don't know what this mystery meat is! The menu didn't have an English translation. It was dry, chewy, and had hard parts. Pretty much the only meal I didn't like or eat.
Good chopsticks practice.
Chicken fried rice with egg on top.
Fresh smoothies. | We loved that the tables at restaurants were always equipped with chopped chili  peppers, sauces, and some even had green onions!
Some sort of (amazing) chicken. 
Penang curry and rice.

Now that Yuriy and I are home in Seattle, every time we go out for Thai food, we try not to remember how stinkin lucky we were to eat so good for so cheap while in Thailand. It's one of our favorite ethnic cuisines. If the beaches, elephants, and temples aren't enough to draw you to Thailand, I assure you, the food is worth the trip.

- Julia