Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bali | 3 of 3

Our road trip through the green Bali countryside continues... 

You can see the first half here

* Julia
Our next stop was Ulun Danu Temple, also known as Lake Temple. The temple set against water, hills, and moody skies was amazing. Not only was the temple spectacular, but so were the nicely kept temple grounds. It is unlike any other place on earth.
The roofs of the multi-tiered temples are made from coarse black fiber that comes from the jaka palm tree. We were lucky to see some construction in progress.
Driving to our next destination, we came across some wild monkeys on the side of the road! There was a local woman selling peanuts and bananas to tourists so they could feed them. They were cute and fuzzy until I saw how aggressive they were! They snatched the food and hissed at people that bothered them. Our driver warned us not to get too close with our cameras because the monkeys will snatch them. Not the friendly monkeys I expected (but still pretty cute).
We stopped by the Candi Kuning market where we found lots and lots of fresh produce, and spotted a lot of women carrying cooked corn on their heads. 
How cool is this corn statue? It's the first thing we saw when we drove into town. 
We stopped for lunch at a restaurant overlooking a stunning valley of rice terraces. Not only was the view amazing, but the buffet food was delicious.