Monday, March 26, 2012

Hello Sydney, Australia

If someone blindfolded me and dropped me in the middle of Sydney, I might think I was home in Seattle. After traveling through Europe and then Asia for 5 months, Australia truly felt like America (especially coming straight from Bali). The buildings, the people, the streets, the language, the food... it made me realize how much I missed home. 

Everything about Sydney felt really hip. I lacked the cool accent, I didn't surf, I wasn't nearly stylish enough. There were so many trendy restaurants, shops, and neat little markets on the weekends. Australia was way too cool for me and I loved it. 

- Julia

The burgers we had at Grill'd were unforgettable! We were psyched to find another one a week later in Melbourne and ate there again. 
I loved the interior walls that looked like the pages of a sketchbook.
"The best burgers in Australia or the world."
The "Hot Mama" burger... 100% lean beef, roasted peppers, dill pickle, tasty cheese, tzatziki, salad, & harissa paste.
We were really lucky to be in Sydney during the Annie Leibovitz exhibit at the MCA. It was fantastic. She is one of the best known photographers of our time. 
As we were leaving the museum, there was a long line of people waiting in the rain to get in. Apparently it was a really popular exhibit!
I grew up listening to Hillsong United worship music the last ten years. Anyone who goes to church knows Hillsong and their songs are sung in churches worldwide, translated into many languages. It was really cool to visit the main Hills campus just outside of Sydney.
We happened to be there for the release of Hillsong United's latest album "Aftermath"! Some really great worship music. 
P.S. Check out their blog for some great graphic design!
We walked to the Syndey Opera House on our first night and had a drink under the sails while listening to some live music. It felt unreal. The Opera House is such an icon that sometimes your forget it's really a place.
Sydney Harbor Bridge at night.