Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Melbourne | 1 of 3

We heard a lot of good things about Melbourne before we even got there. We've heard it mentioned more than once that it reminds people of Seattle. We were very excited to see what Melbourne had in store for us. 

The one thing that stands out a lot is the contrast. Melbourne has a lot of cool buildings-- one may be a geometrically shaped modern building and right next to it is an intricate gothic style cathedral. There was an awesome clean modern plaza where people where enjoying music and across the street was a grungy graffiti alley. Every wall, staircase, and garbage can is covered in graffiti. It was amazing to see. I think that is a big reason why we liked Melbourne so much, it's got a little bit of everything. And all the people just seemed so cool. I felt like there were more young people than elderly in Melbourne. And in a way it did remind me of Seattle a bit but a much hipper/rebellious/warmer Seattle.

We've got a few more posts coming up of our adventures in Melbourne but here are some random photos in and around the downtown area.


Breakdancing on a busy street.