Friday, May 4, 2012

Melbourne | 2 of 3

Today we have more photos to share around Melbourne.

On Sunday, we headed to St. Kilda, a suburb of Melbourne, to check out the weekly street market. It wasn't really our style (more touristy, less stylish) and definitely didn't compare to Glebe Market in Sydney. But, we were happy to be by the beach and to check out the endless pastry shops in St. Kilda!

- Julia

We went to the top floor of the mall to get a free view of the city (this photo was taken through the windows of the Apple store). 
On the tram, headed to St. Kilda. 
Luna Park.... St. Kilda's iconic amusement park. 
The pastry shops were endless... and they were all along one street. Who eats all this cake?!
One pastry would have been big enough to share, but we couldn't narrow it down so we ordered three!
Coffee rum roula. 
We fell in love with Grill'd burgers in Sydney, and couldn't resist having it once more in Melbourne.
I absolutely love the fun painting and writing on the walls of the restaurant.