Friday, July 13, 2012

Mexico City | 1 of 3

A lot of you have asked if we plan to keep up the blog now that we're done blogging our 6 month honeymoon. The answer is yes. Travel will always be a part of our lives. We won't be traveling for such long periods of time, but we hope to get out of the country at least once a year, and we already do a lot of traveling in the States for work. I'm also working on a redesign for Mr & Mrs Globetrot, so stick around.

A couple months ago, we spent some time in Mexico City and Cuba and came home with loads of photos we want to share. We decided on Mexico City as a means to get to Cuba. We didn't exactly have a desire to visit and weren't expecting anything great. From what we'd heard in the past, Mexico City was overpopulated, extremely polluted, dangerous, and had a lot of poverty.

Those things aren't necessarily false, but the Mexico City we discovered was a wonderful surprise. The busy sidewalks were cheery and alive when we arrived. We admired the old architecture and ate some of the best tacos of our lives. Outside our hotel, the streets were lined with local shops, but nobody bothered us or tried to sell us anything. Especially not souvenirs. The fact that it's not a touristy city was one of our favorite things about Mexico City. We loved getting a freshly squeezed fruit juice and wandering around the city streets with our camera until the sun went down. 

More photos to come!

- Julia