Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mexico City | 2 of 3

It didn't take long to notice the all the maroon and gold bugs on the streets. Mexico City is known for the Volkswagon Beetle taxi, and at their height in 2006, about half of all taxis were Beetles (that's 50,000 bugs). Today there are 3,500 and next year that number will be 0. Because of safety and pollution reasons, officials have decided to expire all their licenses by the end of the year. We considered ourselves lucky to see them before they go extinct.

- Yuriy

During a walking tour of Mexico City, we stopped to watch this spiritual ceremony. 5 Indians from the region of Papantla climb to the top of a 50 ft. pole, tie a rope to the top and wrap the other end around them. Then 4 of them jump and as the rope slowly unwinds, they spin and get closer and closer to the ground. While the 5th sits on top and plays a traditional flute. This is done as a way of prayer for fertility and rains.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary of Mexico City is the oldest and largest cathedral in the Americas.
Delicious street tacos with grilled cactus on top.
While eating dinner at a sidewalk cafe, we watched a man hire a couple of musicians to play for his wife. He joined the musicians in singing, and then took his lady's hand and they danced away in the middle of the park, like they were the only ones there. It was quite nice to see.