Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Anonymous again

Got a comment in the previous blog from Anonymous (how come they're always anonymous) reminding me of the moaning of the good old days. Well I guess we old timers have had a lot of good old days. My dad said he had good old days and I had good old days...

... with one difference.

I also have the good new days as well, having finished my spec screenplay, entitled The President's Heart, and am working on a documentary for the ww11 pilot, as well has helping him, at 89, writing a bio of his time in the war.

And I'm starting a Kickstarter project, hopefully to fund Ghostkeeper although I fear it might not do well. In that case I have Plan B to fund it for half the budget it is now.

My book on screenwriting (and the good old days) was published last week and should get some traffic once I get some reviews, two are ready and a few more are coming. 

But Anonymous spotted some irony there that I couldn't see the A didn't spell it out so I'll have to re-read the post.

So, yes the good old days were great, but I'm also into the new days too.  And they will become old days some day too.  And as Anonymous said there aren't a lot of Soprano credits in my credit list, and they're right, I never got a gig with David Chase.

But it's subjective, for example, I got some great reviews from my Christmas movie as well as the Ghostkeeper movie. They weren't 100%, nobody gets that but all it takes is someone to write you a letter saying they liked the Christmas movie to make you feel good.

At least until you have someone who wants to put you down. I can't help wondering if that person would put their credits down so we can all see what they've done.

And I don't moan. Maybe I grumble, but not moan. I don't have much time for that.

But then there was that first time in France when....... zzzzzzz.