Friday, June 7, 2013

My book is out!


Finally, my book on Screenwriting it out. I've already had a few sales, hoping for much more as I've contacted some film bookstores and a few chains. Would love to have it at Walmart but they don't really deal with these kind of books.

What the book about?

First of all it's based on my lectures at UCLA where I taught extension classes in screenwriting for a little over two year. At the same time I remained loyal to my craft by writing screenplays and even having one made during that time.

As those of you who have read my blog, you'll know the problems with the book which were technical in nature, not in content. Amazon's printer just couldn't do it right. Finally they did it after a lot of phone calls and shouting over 6 weeks until they figured it out.

Who's the book for?

I like to think it's for everyone, from an average movie fan, to aspiring writers and even to experienced ones. It's primarily an instruction book, "how to write a screenplay" but it has a lot of anecdotal stories about the business; things like the battles that happen in screenwriting, the disappointments, the fun parts and a lot more. I think it's a good book for anyone who's a movie fan.

How can you get a copy?

Amazon sells the book for $14.99 plus shipping (they have 3 or 4 ways of shipping).

I can sell you a copy for $10 plus $2.85 for media shipping. I think Canadians order from the U.S. and there is no duty, no matter what anyone tells you. Free trade has to have some good stuff for us.

Anyways, thanks for hanging around, I will continue this blog when we begin to hunt for money for Ghostkeeper 2, starting in 3 weeks.