Monday, January 17, 2011

At the Barber Shop

A little break from all the travel photos:

Shaving isn't hard and I'm not lazy. But when traveling, it just seems like the thing to do - neglect shaving. Not only was I was trying to fit in with all the Greeks and Turks but it was also 'Movember', a moustache growing charity event, held each year in November, to raise awareness for men's health issues. So the goal was not to shave for a whole month. I'm a baby when it comes to facial hair, I know guys who can grow in a couple days what I can grow in a month. So my end result after a month of not shaving wasn't all that bad.

After November came to an end I was more than ready to shave everything off. I figured it would be fitting to go to a barber shop and get my first professional shave in Istanbul. It was a nice experience, and the end result was amazing, much smoother than with a razor. After the shave the barber lights a huge match and starts waving it in and around my ears, not sure what to do or expect, I just sat there. It didn't burn and he later told me it was to burn off the peach fuzz on your ears. It was a great experience and only cost $5 USD.... but I like the the hairy look (and so does Julia) so I might just throw the shaver away for the rest of the trip.