Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Dream Shoes are Haute!

My New Year’s wish for the girls who love Haute shoes… that every fashionista gets a pair of her DREAM heels. I love Christian Louboutin’s sexy sling glittered stilettos. So I made a mental note to put it on my vision board. But little did I know that my dream was about to come true.

One day out of the blue my favorite Palm Beach trio of fashionistas gifted me the LOUBY! I was so surprised and grateful because they made my shoe dream wish come true. I kept thinking how did Gwen know that this was my special shoe? I could see them in my dreams. I even felt them on my feet. After all it’s said, “Wearing shoes in your dream, suggests that you are well-grounded or down to earth.”

But my story doesn’t end there… my sparkly Louby stilettos make me smile every time that I wear them and yes, I get lots of comments on the jeweled art that’s worn on my feet. It’s the way that every girl should step out on the town… go glam, sparkle and shine! For every girl out there who loves the red soles… I wish that you get your DREAM shoes in 2011.

Which shoe do you dream about?

Photograph by Cliff Robinson Photography in Atlanta