Friday, October 15, 2010

Delighting in Paris II

No day ever seemed long enough. Paris has so many things to see and photograph, that I feel like we could easily spend half a year in this city alone. Yuriy and I dreaded the sun going down on a daily basis because it meant we had to wait until the next day for photos, and it never felt like we captured enough. The severe jet lag called for many naps, but I felt guilty for sleeping. I just wanted to walk the streets endlessly.

My eyes went big at each café we passed because I can’t think of any restaurants back home with such mouth-watering displays behind glass. And there were many! Every day, I couldn’t wait to get hungry again. I was equally impressed with the fashion store window displays with the most tasteful styling. I was amazed how late restaurants were open and how late locals ate dinner (dinner was served and busy up until 11pm). It was nice to see, because Yuriy and I are both night owls and often find ourselves looking for something that’s still open and makes food when we’re at home. Consequently, the city wakes up later than we’re used to in America. Most shops and restaurants in Paris don’t open until 10 or 11am (or later), so there’s no need to wake up painfully early. Everything in the city was pricey except for bread. In the morning, it was very common to see people walking with a fresh baguette in hand, taking occasional bites off the crispy top. 

We loved staying in an apartment in the heart of the city, we delighted in the food experience, we appreciated the history, we were blown away by the fashion sense of these people and warmed by their relaxed way of life. Enjoy our photos of a charming, sophisticated, beautiful city called Paris.

Coming soon, a post on Paris food, shops, and historical tourist spots we visited. Much catching up to do!

- Julia