Friday, October 29, 2010

Split Fish Market

While in Split, we had a few people tell us to check out the fish market which happens everyday from 6:30 AM til about 2 PM. The fish market is situated on a square next to the Marmontova Street in the heart of the Old City. So Julia and I headed over to check out this fish market. We could smell the fish and hear the people before we even rounded the corner but it was quite a sight to see. There were tons of tables with all kinds of fish, freshly caught that morning, some still wiggling. Some of the most popular are picarels, sprats, mackerels, sardines and anchovies. But you can always find someone selling something that made you question whether it was a fish or not. 

We had a great time just walking around and seeing all the different fish for sale. The market was packed with people, mostly locals but it was easy to spot the occasional tourist here and there with bewilderment in their eyes. Sanitation wasn't a top priority and people don't seem to mind, I'm sure the USDA would have a field day if this were in the States. None of the merchants wore gloves. They usually had a cigarette in one hand and were putting fish on the scale with the other hand. As we strolled through one row of merchants, a giant eel, still alive, jumped out of his case on the table, and slithered right toward Julia's feet, much to her horror. The man grabbed it with both hands and plopped it back on the table for sale. The floor was slimy and it obviously reeked like fish but it's not often you get to experience something like this, so we took it all in as best we could. 

No, we didn't buy any fish... maybe next time.