Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Paris Street Fashion

I knew to expect well-dressed people in Paris, and it was still the first thing I noticed and couldn’t help marveling at. The men all wear fitted cloths, dress shoes, and scarves. On a daily basis. American men are challenged when it comes to slacks and collared shirts. Which are reserved for special occasions only. They’re usually baggy and look awkward. Parisian women look just as chic in semi-formal wear. Jeans and sneakers are rare (a good way to spot a tourist, actually). I don’t remember a single hoody. Well-made, tailored jackets and boots rule the streets. I saw so many nice handbags, I’m now ashamed of my pathetic purse stash at home. 

We saw a lot of skinny pants, rugged and unlaced boots, variations of oxford shoes, crazy runway heels, tights and leggings, hats!, old school thick-rimmed glasses, menswear on women (such as blazers), leather jackets, scarves of every style, men with bags, and trench coats. 

Yuriy and I longed for a pair of boots. Since we had to pack tight (one suitcase each for 6 months of travel) and we plan to spend a lot of time in warm weather, we decided to leave bulky boots behind. The chilly early autumn weather and rain drizzles in Paris demanded them.

By chance, we happened to be in the city during Paris Fashion Week! This is the big event of the season when all the designer fashion shows happen and Spring/Summer collections for the following year are revealed. International fashion weeks start in New York, moves through Milan and London, then ends in Paris. Unlucky for us, it is almost impossible to get into a show here unless you have connections in the fashion industry. But you can bet we saw some fashionistas around town!