Sunday, October 3, 2010

Haute Jewelry Designer John Wind Inspired by Fashion and Travel

Passion for Jewelry Designer and Founder of Maximal Art John Wind is like the melody to a perfect love song. His handmade pieces are a unique mix of vintage and modern, but yet there’s something endearing about them that tells a story of a period reflecting “soul, personality and narrative.” Acquiring his jewelry is like uncovering a past relationship that one never knew existed. “I like that fact that you’re adopting an instant ancestor,” says Wind.

It appears his artwork was more organic than planned but never-the-less, it became an obsession. “I won a scholarship to the Slade School of Art in London. It was in the early 80’s and I got swept up in the club world. It was all about fashion, to the point of costume, (think Culture Club and The Thompson Twins), and making crazy flea-market jewelry assemblages to wear was just part of the deal,” explains Wind.

But it wasn’t until he met another jewelry designer, Andrew Logan, in London that his foray into jewelry making was born. “Logan really inspired me with giant brooches made of broken mirror bits and brooches set into some kind of putty,” says Wind. “As an art student, I really thought of my brooches as little sculptures.”

Over the years, the line has evolved to include a variety of accessories. “Brooches have given way to earrings, then necklaces, bracelets and charms,” he adds. But just where does he get his inspiration? “We listen to our customers and stay aware of fashion trends.”

Wind’s relationship with his jewelry is personal, protective, but profound. However, the woman who wears his art is described as independent and fun. “She likes to accessorize, loves vintage jewelry but is still a modern woman.”

Just when you thought that you knew what inspired Wind, he offers another twist. “Travel has everything to do with my creative expression. I am so inspired by the “Grand Tours” of the past, where gentlemen brought home souvenirs from Ancient Rome or Egypt. My designs are almost an homage to or souvenir of a place. My all-time favorites are London, Paris and Palm Beach,” exclaims Wind.

Fans of the line can expect more charms and silver-toned collections that will surely turn up in the private boudoir of the girl with a style that’s all her own.

The Maximal Art collection can be found in more than 1,000 stores worldwide. To learn more visit

Don't you love it when jewelry speaks to you?

Disclaimer: I received two necklaces as samples from John Wind's Maximal Art Collection.