Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back to business

Finally getting back to business as I took a few days off again to go to the Mojave desert30 miles south of Baker CA. It's a pretty isolated area with the son of one of my oldest friends. He shot video and I shot with my little point/shoot camera.

Today it's back to getting money for Ghostkeeper with no friends, relatives or anyone coming to stay at my place. Having an excuse to not work is legendary among writers, at least many of the ones I know, especially me. 

I am continuing to pass out my proposal and script and hope to find some sales agents that might consider Ghostkeeper 2 in terms of some advance foreign sales that could help financing in Canada and lastly, the U.S.

Naturally I'd love for a distributor to simply write me a check, but that's also got it's attachments. With a single funder supplying the whole $2 million, you can bet they're gonna want their say in every aspect from script to casting to locations and even down to the muffins. 

The best scenario, at least for me, is to get several funders to play off each other,  allowing me to make the movie I wrote with fewer conflicts and confrontations. Add to that a funder who trusts me, and people like that do exist.

It's just a matter of finding them.

(Mon: The plan)