Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eating out in Lviv

Lviv has the most quirky cafes/restaurants of any city I've seen for it's size! We randomly walked into this place for lunch one day, and I was admiring the decor the entire time. 

Colorful buttons and marbles covered the walls in whimsical swirls. Silk scarves were sewn together for a fun curtain around the entryway. Fabric scraps and buttons were strung in front of the windows, swagged from the ceiling, and adorned the funky glass light fixtures. Vintage theater posters plastered the ceiling. What a creative and original little place! And the food was nothing short of spectacular... all the classic yummy Ukrainian dishes. 

The restaurant is called Міжнародний Вареничний Фонд (translated as International Dumpling Foundation?) and is located on вул. Коперніка. 

- Julia

P.S. A long food-filled post coming this afternoon!

We ate borsht as an appetizer with almost every single meal! It's a Ukrainian soup which contains beats as the main ingredient, giving it a deep red color.
A blin with ground beef inside.
Diruni (fried potato cakes).Vareniki (Ukrainian dumplings) can be filled with almost anything- meat, potatoes, cabbage, or fruits. These are filled with blueberries and covered in sugar. YUM.