Friday, April 22, 2011

Rivne, Ukraine II

Thanks for the nice comments about our first Rivne post.  Obviously I have much pride in the place since it's where I was born. I am especially thrilled when people comment saying they're adding Ukraine to their list of travel destinations. It certainly isn't a common country for tourism. 

Here are some more images of our short time in the city. 

- Julia

P.S. Since people have been asking why we immigrated to the United States, I'm putting together an interview for my mom-- I think she would know better. I am probably more excited to hear the answers than anyone.

WWII War memorials and Ukrainian heros at a cemetery. 
Rivne Opera House- not quite as fancy as the others we've seen.
This man was very unhappy about this photo. He yelled after me and I walked faster.
The following images are at the bazaar in the center of town. These women thought we were hilarious for photographing them and their goods. They don't understand. I didn't mind being laughed at to get these shots though.
Canned at home, sold on the street.
These don't look like the carrots I buy at the grocery store. 
Sour cabbage... smelly stuff. 
Smoked fish. Yum.
I wanted to take this entire box home. Beautiful pine cone tree ornaments.