Monday, April 4, 2011

The Cloud

                                                 "Hey, you... get off my cloud"
                                                                         - Mick Jagger

I'm in the Cloud now.

We're all in the Cloud. 

Before you begin to think I've lost it, I have finally caught up to an internet expression that I hadn't heard. Doing a bit of research I've discovered that it has several meanings, and probably even more.

Basically it's about all the things we do now because of the computer. There's hard drives and apps and networks and emai, things that enable us to pay bills, write screenplays, download tunes and film clips (and for some whole movies). All of this is "in the cloud".  All of those bits and bytes of our lives loom over us in a place that all is either well or a little shaky. All those 1's and 0's.

At least in my definition.

For example, my Ghostkeeper remake is now in the cloud for all to see. It hovers over me as I either sit around and wait or make calls to every person who I think could raise anything from $5 to $2 million. Ever dollar counts.

And I have good clouds and bad clouds. Saturday was a bad cloud as you can see below.

You know nothing good will come of this cloud. BTW I took this pic entering Utah from Idaho and sure enough that storm was one hell of a ride. Rain slammed down and a lightning rod hit about 50 feet away, blasting into the earth and smoking afterwards.

But at sundown the sky opened and gave me an incredible sunset and I could smell the earth.

And I was back on a good cloud.

Writers were among the first who tackled computers way back in the mid 80's, my first one was an Atari "word processor". Since writers write we grabbed onto the computer from almost the very beginning. Us and techie geeks.

I say this because most of my non-writer friends either don't know how to use computers or they use them under great stress. I'm talking baby boomer age, born from 1946 to 1964. 70 million of us in the USA. Biggest single group of living people in the history of America.

Besides writing on a PC I also learned to edit video on Final Cut Pro, which is a pro application as the title suggests. Walter Murch edited the last few Star Wars movies on FCP. I edit little short videos for  youtube as well as documentaries. Keeps me busy between movies.

So my cloud seems to be getting a little bigger now, with Ghostkeeper continuing  to grow.

And I can fire my life coach.


I don't have a life coach. But there are days...

I guess I just have to settle for my cloud.

(Thurs: Moving, everyone, moving)