Monday, May 9, 2011

Got a story for a movie Part 2

Further to my blog Friday, once again, a friend of mine, Ted Bauman is looking for good ideas. Ted does movies for Hallmark Channel and Lifetime. You can imdb his credits at:

This is a departure from my regular blog but I thought maybe some of you might want to look at this. It's open to anyone, writers, non-writers, anyone who reads this blog. You might want to pass it on to others you think might be interested. 

And no, I don't get anything for this, just helping out a friend.

So here's what he's looking for.

What kind of stories:

Stories that are interesting and that could hold audience interest. Lifetime wants true stories "ripped from the headlines" and usually a woman in the lead role (but not always). They can come from books but not bestsellers as they are too expensive to buy. More obscure books and even out-of-print books are better. 

Holiday-themed stories are welcome, heart-felt themes and characters are in demand. 

The Main Character:

The main character usually has experienced some terrible event in her life, death, crime, infidelity, anything that allows her to overcome adversity to become a stronger individual. Teenagers or young adults can add to the story.

Finders Fee
A finder's fee of $3500 will be paid on 1st day of principal photography for true-life stories from newspapers or other sources and best efforts to give you an Associate Producer credit. Note that networks have ultimate veto power over screen credits.

A finder's fee  of $2000 for books and/or suggestions that lead to a movie. Credit can't be offered on these.

Keep in mind that TV movies for Lifetime and Hallmark are made for very little money, my Christmas movie was made for just under $1 million which 10 years ago would have been made for around $3.5 million. Networks pay anywhere from $350,000 to $750,000 for movies with occasional higher budgets.

You can email newspaper articles or links to stories directly to Ted at: