Friday, May 27, 2011

Hong Kong Food

Hong Kong (and the rest of Asia) was the first time we encountered food that we were afraid to eat. All the food we saw in Europe looked incredible and tasted familiar. In Hong Kong, we started to see things on the menu that were completely unknown or just unappetizing to us. Regardless, we found plenty of delicious food (since we tended to stick to things we recognized). You can't go wrong with a plate of rice and stir fry. 

We were told by some of our followers that we must try dim sum in Hong Kong. On our last day, we walked around for an hour looking for a quick place to try some dim sum, and of course right when you need something you can't find it. We ended up having dim sum at the airport before taking off for Thailand. Dim sum is a small Chinese dish that is often served in a small steamer basket and is especially popular in Hong Kong. The one we tried was similar to dumplings-- a round dough ball stuffed with various meats and fillings. It has a distinct texture and feels gooey when you bite into it... the kind of gooey that sticks to the roof of your mouth when you bite it. Ours was really tasty!

Here's a little collection of some of our eats in Hong Kong.

- Julia

"Milk tea" (black tea with evaporated milk) originated in Hong Kong. (isn't this the cutest cup?)
Yellow curry.
I adore Asian candy and sweets packaging. It's usually bursting with color and cuteness.
Authentic bubble tea and incredible strawberry/dragon fruit fresh-squeezed juice.
Frozen yogurt/smoothie combo. And a popular street food called "eggettes" which were incredibly yummy and only $1!
"Eggettes" come in original and chocolate flavors and are not only yummy, but fun to eat. 
Edamame as an appetizer with sushi.
Ramen noodles with beef, temaki (sushi in a cone), and miso soup.
Sushi! Mmmmm...
Don't remember what this is! 
Sweet and sour chicken.
Beef, peppers, and onions on wide noodles.
Dim sum-- a popular Chinese small dish. We had steamed barbecue pork buns which were served in a small steamer basket.