Sunday, May 15, 2011

People of Ukraine

I saw so many beautiful people walking the streets of Kiev that I'm afraid I was terribly impolite with my stares. The girls in Ukraine are gorgeous (though I may be a little biased... forgive me). 

Fur everywhere. Fur trim, fur boots, scarves with fur tassles, fur coats to the ground. Everyone looked so nice and proper... and warm. Oh and the hats. It was one of my favorite winter accessories in Ukraine. There is so much variety and detail that goes into every hat. Again, Yuriy and I felt very underdressed and very American in our jeans and dinky little sports jackets. 

All these photos were taken in the day time, but in the evening, people were twice as dressed up! It was rare to see women that weren't wearing heals. Every sidewalk is covered in ice and snow and the girls tiptoe around on stilettos, clinging to one another so they don't slip and fall. I admired them, but didn't envy them. I was quite comfortable in my flat lace-up boots that I picked up in Vienna. 

Is it just me or do some of these people look like they just stepped out of a movie?

- Julia

Another people post coming this week, but next time its a fashion post!