Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kiev Street Fashion

People in Kiev may be the most fancy dressers in the world. Nice coats, boots, and fur are necessities (not so much the guys, but the definitely the girls). They dress up even more in the evenings (that's when the mini skirts and stilettos make a scene), but I couldn't get photos then because it was dark. We love doing a street fashion post in major cities around the world (we have one from Paris, London, and Vienna).  In other cities, we had to do a lot of walking and scout out people who were well dressed. In Kiev, they surrounded you at all times. At any moment, there was someone right next to you that deserved to be photographed. I took all these photos within an hour or two on our last day in the city with the last bit of light in the sky. 

Next time I go to Kiev, I'm definitely packing some nicer clothes. 

* Julia

P.S. This is the last Ukraine post. FINALLY. I feel like we've been stuck on Ukraine for so long and were a little afraid our readers would get bored, but you've stuck around! We were in four different Ukrainian cities and in the country for nearly 3 weeks, while many countries only got a few days. So as as a result, we had a lot of photos and stories to share, especially since this was our first time returning to our home country in 20 years. Thanks for all the feedback and for sharing your similar experiences as we posted our thoughts on returning to Ukraine for the first time, Yuriy's first visit in his birth town, my first visit in my birth townthe life of Yuriy's grandpa, and most recently an interview with my parents about immigrating to the US. Your comments were never as touching as they were during these Ukraine posts. Thank you! 

P.P.S. Ukraine wraps our time in Europe. Next is Hong Kong!