Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HK Bird Market

The bird market in Hong Kong was one of my favorite pieces of the city. One quiet street in the midst of all the city traffic is dedicated to birds. The colorful birds fill dozens of beautiful cages, and next door is bird accessory heaven. The chirping on this street is never-ending. You'd think it would be annoying (especially if you've ever had a pesky pet bird), but when coming from all directions, it was beautiful and harmonious.  One woman who was feeding her parrot was clapping her hands and talking to the bird with a big smile on her face as if the bird was a kid (photo below). It was nice to see the birds getting treated well.

I saw a post on the blog of Cherry Blossom Girl (one of my favorite places to get photography eye candy) about her visit to the Hong Kong bird market a while back and was so giddy that I had the opportunity to go as well. I loved it.

- Julia