Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pit stop: Cos

Much to our dismay, the ferry to Turkey from Rhodes was full on the day we were ready to leave and the next ferry didn’t  leave for another 5 days. Since we had already spent a week in Rhodes, we decided to hop over to another island instead of waiting. And thus we arrived in Cos, a small island on the way to Turkey. We had no idea where we were staying or headed, but as we got off the ferry, an old woman on a scooter approached us almost immediately. She offered a cheap room and we followed her scooter, her cape flapping in the wind. It was hilarious. We were so close to Turkey that we could see the Turkish coast, and there were some Turkish influences around us (we had a coffee break in a Turkish café). Being our 3rd Greek island, we didn’t really see anything new and stayed in a dumpy hotel. We stayed just one night (thus the short post) and got on a ferry out to Bodrum, Turkey the next day. It always works out in the end. Goodbye cat-loving nation.

* Julia

Turkey posts start tomorrow! 

Yes this nice man is feeding a herd of street cats. 
 "Filter coffee"-- The filter sits on top of your cup and you pour water in, cover with lid, and wait.