Sunday, December 26, 2010

Vienna Street Fashion II

Our first fashion post was dedicated to the elderly people in Vienna, who wear fur with much class. This post is dedicated to the younger generations who dress a bit more casual, but still very pulled together. 

"Casual" in Vienna is not like "casual" in the States. These people look so good! Anywhere you turn your head, you see well dressed people. I pretty much stood in one spot on a wide street and snapped away. No scouting required. 

The best things about photographing winter style is that there is so much layering and accessories involved-- not only does everyone have a great coat, but a stylish hat, a good pair of boots, gloves, scarf, and a luxe purse. 

We were impressed to see so many women with strollers walking the snow-covered, icy streets. When it snows back home, everyone stays indoors. The last thing you would do is take your baby out into the cold. Here, snow doesn't stop anyone. Although even in the summer, babies and strollers in Seattle are a rare sight. Seattle is known to have more dogs than kids. It was a breath of fresh air to see kids in the city. 

Don't be mad if this post makes you want to head back to the mall after all that Christmas shopping to get a better winter wardrobe.

* Julia